It’s not just a Band… It’s an EVENT !!!
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For booking information contact:

Morgan Young 740-361-4247

  This band is composed of a veteran crew of musicians. Although we are relatively new as Electric Circus, we've all been playing for years. We focus not only on the music, but presentation as well. So many cover bands just stand on stage and play the material. That's fine, but we prefer a more interactive approach.

GUITAR/VOCALS - MORGAN YOUNG - I have been playing for more than 18 years. I've been blessed to play with many musicians that have helped to mold me into the guitar player that I am today. I love to entertain others and bring the big time Rock 'n' Roll experience to small clubs.

LEAD VOCALS/ACOUSTIC GUITAR - TC CRANK - I've been performing for audiences for about 13 years. I've sang in front of crowds from 50 people all the way up to about 1800. I am one who believes that good music is good music (not to be dictated by genre or category). I am also willing to do almost anything to entertain and get the crowds attention!

DRUMS - BRIAN DORSEY - I've been playing drums for over twenty years and playing with bands for fifteen years. I've played most major and minor venues in Ohio, including a tour in '07 with Seventh Echo. I've also recorded 4 albums.

BASS/VOCALS - NATE MILLER - I've loved music and always wanted to play in bands since I was a child. I picked up the bass in high school to learn my favorite songs. I enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of music, which has contributed to my musical background. Whether it's finding a good bass groove, a nice harmony, or making people laugh; It's all connected to providing people with quality entertainment.



KEYBOARD - JOSHUA WELLS - I've been playing keys since I was five years old. I love music, love to sing, perform, and just have a genuinely good time. I'm a solo singer and songwriter, so in my free time I am putting together original work. I don't limit myself to any genre, and my roots are in Gospel music, but soul and R&B have a special place in my heart. Rock and Roll comes close second. I'm always ready to jam!